When selecting a set of floor mats for your vehicle, it is always a good idea to see, what other people are saying about them. That’s why we encourage everyone, who tried out these floor liners in their car, truck or SUV to share impression with the other Smartliner website visitors. If you are just wondering, what other customers say, feel free to check out Smartliner floor mat reviews we’ve got! It is always good to know strengths and weaknesses of the product before you actually decide to buy one.

 by Susan Scott on Floor mats

I ordered a set of these for my new Buick. They fit like a glove and look great. I cannot begin to tell you how pleased I was with these. My 2005 Tahoe had, Weather Tech liners and I think these fit better. You will love them.

 by Charles Wozniak on Floor mats

I ordered a complete set for the Wrangler Unlimited. The mats are not cheap if you want everything covered, but the quality is well worth the money. Plus, I haven't found another brand that would offer that large mat for the rear of my Wrangler.

 by Jeanne J. Gibson on Floor mats

I ordered a complete set for my Explorer, and love the way this product fits. The liners do not stink, are easy to install and clean. Will be ordering another set for my Passat soon.

 by Louise Woodford on Floor mats

5 stars. Quick shipping, great packaging, fast delivery. Ordered from Amazon. They've been in our Encore for more than a year, no signs of wear/holes so far.

 by Nancy Easterling on Floor mats

I picked up these Smartliners for the F-1250, which is our work truck. 5 stars, as they fit great, do not stink even when it gets hot here in CA and do not slide under the pedals. They are flexible and easy to take in and out, no that cheap plastic feeling.

 by Paul Schiller on Floor mats

I ordered a set of tan smartliner floor mats for my Accord, and they fit great. I have 2 kids and a dog, and I love that all dirt and trash can be easily thrown away, as everything's collected in the liners because of those edges. Love the mats and that light tan color.


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SmartLiner floor mats are available for the majority of the cars, trucks and SUVs that travel along the US roads. If you are looking for the most reliable and heavy-duty protection for your vehicle, Smartliner is the way to go! These liners are much more flexible, than WeatherTech liners, provide excellent coverage and fit the floor area of your vehicle without leaving gaps. Shop for the floor liners for your vehicle and enjoy excellent protection and precise fitment of Smartliner floor mats!

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