Nissan Altima Floor Mats

Smartliner floor mats by MAXliner are an ultimate solution for those, who wish to keep the floor area of their cars, trucks or SUV protected from spills, dirt, melted snow, etc. If you wish to prevent moisture, melted snow and slush from getting onto the factory carpeting of your Altima, you are welcome to consider a set of Smartliner mats for the specific vehicle application.

nissan altima

MAXliner uses precise CAD measuring laser tools to design the molded floor liners that will precisely fit the shape of the floor area of your Altima. The edges of the Smartliner floor mat are designed to align with the contours of the floor area. This way, the liners do not leave space for the moisture and debris to get under the carpet.

Colors & Material

At the moment, Smartliner floor mats for the Nissan Altima are available in black color only. However, they align with the floor contours, which makes them look like an integral factory-installed option. Made of low-density polyethylene, Smartliner mats are easy to install and remove, as they do not feature that rigid plastic structure.


5 Good Reasons to Select Smartliner

  1. Perfect fit. Smartliner mats are made specifically to align with the floor contours of the specific model of the Nissan Altima. This ensures precise fit and protects from accidental spills.
  2. Flexible material. Smartliner floor mats are made of low-density polyethylene. This material is neither too dense, nor too soft. This means, that the mats can be easily bent to remove or install, and are not as slippery at those mats that are made of blend of rubber and plastic. However, they are dense enough to withstand years of service.
  3. Raised 3D edges. These floor liners feature 3D shape and have got raised edges. These edges keep debris, spills and dirt inside, so the factory carpeting remains clean. When you need, you can just remove the mats to hose dirt off them.
  4. Easy cleaning. Smartliners are made to make your driving experience easy, so they do not require any special cleaning tools or products. You can just hose the liners off and let them dry outside. This is usually enough to make them look new again.
  5. Lifetime warranty. Smartliner floor mats are backed up with limited lifetime warranty by the manufacturer. This means, that the product is quality enough to handle years of service in your Nissan Altima.


Floor Mats by Make & Model


SmartLiner floor mats are available for the majority of the cars, trucks and SUVs that travel along the US roads. If you are looking for the most reliable and heavy-duty protection for your vehicle, Smartliner is the way to go! These liners are much more flexible, than WeatherTech liners, provide excellent coverage and fit the floor area of your vehicle without leaving gaps. Shop for the floor liners for your vehicle and enjoy excellent protection and precise fitment of Smartliner floor mats!

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